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The Czech Republic becomes the brains of HELLA


Who we are 1

We offer you security and career challenges

HELLA, a world leader in innovation, develops and produces headlights and taillights for the world's most prestigious car manufacturers. HELLA Czech Republic then incorporates one of the largest technological centres within it. We are a strong multinational group with German participation, world famous precision and a word that always stands true. We know exactly where we want to be in 5 years and follow this vision fearlessly. HELLA's strength is in development, bringing new challenges and other interesting projects to the Czech Republic.

You have never been closer to the fascinating technologies of the future than today and than in HELLA!

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Who we are 2

We are proud of what we do

Everything surrounding us is the result of our ideas

It is essential for us at HELLA that our work has a concrete, tangible result. We are extremely proud when a car with lights designed and developed here passes us on the road! We are excited to come up with our own unusual solutions and new technological processes.


Unique European development centre

HELLA is and always has been one of the main pioneers of innovation on the market. More than 7,000 employees work in research and development globally. Now, the Czech Republic is becoming one of the main centres of development efforts in the field of mechanical, optical and electronic design is moving to the Czech Republic. 

In our unique European development centre, we have at our disposal exceptional laboratory equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Every year, HELLA invests tens of millions of Czech Crowns in its development centres in Ostrava and Mohelnice.

Come join us at the source of the best technologies of the future!

Career plan 1

There is no limit to what you can achieve

Tell us where you want to be and we will guide you there.

Create a career plan with us and keep deepening your knowledge and expanding your skills. The development of headlamps for premium brands relies on superior thinkers who excel by being constantly developed and inspired. Let's talk about where you see yourself in 3 years and we’ll set a step-by-step plan to achieve this goal. People at HELLA are constantly advancing their knowledge. They are led by top experts whose names mean something in the automotive world. Be on their team! Come to the Czech Republic to show what you can do and take a step towards your dream job.

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Our benefits

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    Flexible working hours

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    Medical care

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    5 weeks of paid holiday

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    Hella university

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    Contribution to sports

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    37,5H working week

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  • Temp accommodation

  • Relocation allowance

  • Visa services (if applicable)

  • Orientation in new location (2 days)

  • Real estate agent fee

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Become one of us

Helpfulness, fun, and a relaxed atmosphere

If you are looking to work in a friendly environment, then HELLA is the place for you. People here get along very well. Are you a newcomer and not totally familiar with everything yet? Are you working on a project and the deadline is fast approaching? We work as a team and your colleagues will be happy to give you a hand. At HELLA, we care about our common goal.

Our people

Meet the team

Lukáš Riedel, Embedded SW Developer

Milan Tannenberg, Hardware Development Manager

David Nejezchleba, Embedded SW Developer

Tomáš Kučera, Concept Design Engineer

Vladislav Šmíd, Manufacturing Engineer

What does Hella mean to you?



Young spirit, old face!

The city of Olomouc is only 30 km away from the Hella Development Center in Mohelnice, and if you choose it as your new home, you will be thrilled!

  • One of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic

  • Rich array of social amenities (kindergartens, schools, shops, offices, health care, services, etc.)

  • Affordable housing in attractive locations in the city center

  • Commute to work in under 30 minutes by train or bus

  • Safe and fast public transport, no traffic jams

  • Activities for families with children

  • Young city full of students and warm, friendly people

  • Magical architecture, beautiful nature, many parks and greenery, markets, concerts, outdoor theatre and other entertainment

  • Easy to get by using English

Location 2


A city with great energy and huge potential!

  • The third largest city in the Czech Republic

  • Rich array of social amenities (kindergartens, schools, shops, offices, health care, services, etc.)

  • Safe, fast and reliable public transport

  • Affordable housing in attractive locations in the city center

  • Suitable for families with children

  • City with a rising quality of life

  • City full of young people who know how to have fun

  • Plenty of urban greenery

  • Convenient online platforms for government services

  • Good cultural background

  • Multi-genre, world-famous music festival Colors of Ostrava, the phenomenon of Stodolní Street (dozens of bars, restaurants and clubs in one place) and other entertainment easy to get by using English


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